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Dee's Wholefoods

Brief: Dee's Wholefoods wanted to raise awareness of Dee's veggie burgers with a major focus at the Tullamore Show on August 8th, 2010. Deirdre wanted to be able to engage with more people at her booth at the show and also wanted to be able to keep in touch with those people and her current client base.

Dees Competition imageSolution: We implemented a two-prong approach. First we set up a mobile short code and then we organised two brand ambassadors to deliver a competition via our Wearable Bluetooth devices at the Tullamore Show.

A free short code was set up and approved by Comreg. The service will allow consumers to 'Freetext Dees to 50015' from their mobile phone. When a person texts in they receive an autoresponse and their phone number is added to Dee's database for future contact.

A team of Brand Ambassadors were armed with our Wearable Hypertags at the show in Tullamore. They interacted with the consumers to encourage them to turn on their phone connectivity services. A random message was sent to each mobile device which told them if they had won or lost. The message also gave the location of the booth, a website address and phone number.

Dee's can then use our web-based group texting platform to keep in touch with their consumers via mobile phone.