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O2 iPod Touch - Case Study

o2 Ipod Bluetooth CampaignBrief: O2 launched the iPod Touch in December 2007 and was looking for ways to improve the sales of the handset and create a buzz around the launch. In addition to driving sales of the iPod Touch, O2 was also keen to promote the brand amongst shoppers and build brand awareness.

Solution: This was a particularly complex project, not only as the promotion took place in 50 O2 retail outlets nationwide, but also because the whole project was organised in 4 days! O2 got in touch on the Tuesday and the campaign was rolled out on the Saturday.

Based on O2’s brief, the content mechanic employed was a simple yet effective one: anyone interacting with the Bluetooth Hypertags were able to download a discount voucher entitling them to money off if they purchased an iPod Touch. The added advantage of using Hypertag’s wearable proximity marketing solutions is that consumers can interact and download content completely free of charge and without giving away any personal data - unlike other mobile marketing promotions where phone numbers and other data is collected.

Despite the short timeframes, promoters were sent out across the UK to O2 stores and engaged with shoppers throughout the course of the day-long promotion. The results of this campaign included not only an impressive sales increase of the chosen handset, but also gave O2 a great deal of exposure amongst consumers all over the UK. The campaign also made it into the national press and is featured in the June issue of Promotions Buyer magazine.