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Irish people are cutting the fixed line cord

Mar 14, 2011

The fixed phone line in Ireland was a priority in any home for the last 20 years. In general it was one of the first utilities that was ordered when moving into a new home. However, that tide is turning with the onset of Mobile Phones. The latest statistics from Comreg shows that the Irish people are using their mobile phones a lot more than their fixed line, almost 50% more. And this is growing at an astounding rate.

Fixed voice minutes are decreasing at 10% per year whereas mobile minutes are increasing by 5%. The loss of 5% of voice minutes per year is probably due to texting. In other words, we are swapping 5% of our voice messages to text messages, that equates to 89million voice minutes per year.

Figure 1.3.2 – Total Voice Traffic

Q3’10 Mins Q2’10 – Q3’10 Growth Q3’09 – Q3’10 Growth
Fixed voice minutes 1,781,819,321 -2.0% -10.4%
Mobile voice minutes 2,663,140,610 +0.5% +5.1%