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'On the go' Consumers

May 6, 2011

Wasn't the good ol' days great, you could run a television ad or a print ad in the national paper and watch the orders rolling in. There didn't seem to be any such thing as target markets, tracking or measuring. Advertise it and they will come!

But, there has been a shift, a shift in consumerism and technology. The recession has changed peoples outlook on purchasing, their decision time has increased ten-fold. People buy now when they are ready to buy and not when you are ready to sell.

Technology, especially the mobile phone, has also had a big impact on purchasing. It was not so long ago when the mobile phone was used mainly for voice communications. Then the texting became the most used application on the phone. The onset of the iPhone and smartphones brought the apps and marketplace which turned the mobile phone into a productivity, planning, organiser tool. And now, the mobile web has now turned the phone into an 'on the go' research tool. Consumers are now researching products and businesses while out and about. They are comparing  prices and quality of products from around the world while standing in a shop that sells that product.

So, how do you reach these 'on the go' consumers? Well, T.V. and print advertising is probably not going to reach them anymore. It's time to look into mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing has the ability to target these consumers specifically, having them opt-in to your loyalty program will ensure that you build up a relationship with them on their terms. Giving them control to opt-out at anytime will give them the sense of security that they want and sending them information and promotions will have added value for both the retailer and the consumer.