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The real costs of Group Texting

May 23, 2011

Adikat has nothing to hide. We provide exreme value for money. We believe that you should know what you are getting into before starting an SMS texting campaign. For example: How much will a group texting campaign really cost you? What are the hidden fees? What questions should you be asking?


Opt outs?

We recenlty had a company contact us that are using a well-known Irish group texting provider. They were been investigated by the Data Protection Commissioner because they did not have any opt-out services from the messages. You must provide instruction on how to opt-out with every text message you send. The company were instructed by the  Data Protection Commissioner to get a short code set up so that they could provide an opt-out service and then ensure that each person was manually removed from their list.We do not recommend this under any circumstances, this should be automated.

Adikat Mobile Marketing provides these opt-out services for free. When you register for an account with us you will be able to provide two options to opt-out. Either the recipient can reply STOP to any message or they can send 'OUT' to 50015 (a free short code). We do not charge for this service.

Question to ask: how do my customers optout? and how much will that service cost me?


Do I have to sign a contract? Will I be tied into this for a long time? What is the minimum amount of texts/credits that I can purchase. Adikat allows you to keep your credits for as long as you need them, they do not expire, you do not lose them.

Question to ask: Is there a contact? will my credit expire?

Minimum Monthly Spends?

Adikat does not insist on minimum monthly spends, we believe that you should be able to contact your customers when you want to contact them and not be forced into contacting them.

Question to ask: Is there a minimum monthly spend? What is the minimum purchase?


In order to use a group texting system you will need to upload your database or have options of building a subscribers list. You should also be able to input a contact manually. How much information can be uploaded, e.g. First Name, Last Name, Membership id etc...

Adikat provide a simple to use upload system. Either upload an excel spreadsheet or a CSV file. You can set up to 20 separate fields for your contacts.

Question to ask: How do I upload my contacts? Is there a charge for that?

Set up Fee?

Question to ask: Is there a set up fee?


At the very minimum they should provide a secure website. Adikat takes security and compliancy very seriously. Not onlly do we provide a secure website but we also encrypt each mobile number that you import into our system. This double-security will ensure that if the database does fall into the wrong hands it will be totally secure?

Question to ask: How secure are my clients mobile numbers?