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QR Code Fail

Jul 10, 2011

I noticed a QRCode on the back of the Sunday Business Post Magazine, Agenda magazine. The full page advertisement was taken out by Bord Na Móna to advertise their Growise Compost. I was glad to see that Bord Na Móna are adapting mobile technology. So, I scanned the QR Code using my ZXing scanner on an Android phone. It worked first time and I was taken to their website, FAIL: the website is not optimised for mobile phones. QR Codes are used by smartphone users, so why direct users to a regular "non-mobile formatted" website. I had to scroll up and down, left and right just to view the webpage that I was taken to.


Lesson Learnt: If you are using a QR Code to increase traffic to your website, then ensure that the web site is formatted for mobile phones.