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Mcommerce is coming

Sep 9, 2011

The mobile phone has become so intertwined in my life that I would be more devestated if I lost my phone than if I lost my wallet!

The mobile phone has literally become a mini-laptop that I carry around with me. It wasn't always that way, it started off as a voice communication tool then went quickly to a texting communication tools and now to a production, organiser, research, multi-communication, record-my-life tool. And soon to become a shopping tool.

According to a study by ABI Research, shopping by mobile will grow to $119 Billion by 2015. And this makes sense, because we have become 'on the go' people that want information no matter where we are. We do comparison shopping (A.K.A bargain hunting) while commuting to work or watching television, we research a company or product before deciding to purchase and boy if they don't have a website then they are quickly scratched off the list.

So, where does that leave us as business owners? well first and foremost, if you don't have a website, get one. However, in about two years from now I will be saying if you don't have a Mobile Website then get one. If you are selling products or services then look into getting an Mcommerce shop, that is an e-commerce shop but built for mobile phones.