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What is your mobile shop strategy?

Sep 19, 2011

As 'on the go consumers' expect more information at the fingertips it will be vital to promote your goods and services via mobile shop. There has been a major trend towards bargain hunting via mobile. Consumers on the bus on the way home from work, or watching T.V., or sitting in the doctors office will take out their mobile phone and start searching for a particular product or service. I know because I have done it myself.

As the recession settles in, we no longer just go out and purchase the first 30" flat-screen TV for the bedroom that we see. We will spend time researching the best one, the best price and where to buy it.

According to a recent study by ABI Research, by 2015, shoppers around the world will spend $119 Billion on goods and services bought via their mobile phone.

“The driver for mobile online shopping in the US has been the recent sharp spike in smartphone adoption and the corresponding enthusiasm for mobile Internet. Also, many more retailers have been launching  mobile commerce websites,” senior analyst Mark Beccue

As business owners we need to keep up with these changes and think about our mcommerce strategy.

  • You may already have an e-commerce website but you need to think about how this will look on a mobile phone and is it user-friendly on these devices?
    A mobile shop should be properly optimised for all makes and models of mobile phones.

  • When you get your mobile shop set up are you going to put all 5,000 products on there?
    We recommend that you don't. A mobile store should present unique offers, deals of the day, impulse sales. Buying via mobile is a different experience than buying on web and you want to avoid your customer thinking "I like this, but I’m buying it later via web because it’s more comfortable". Think about unique promotions and last minute deals like "you buy now or you loose it forever!"
  • What payment types will you accept?
    Even though people research products via their mobile, some of them are still not confortable making payments via the mobile phone. This is why we recommend using both digital and traditional purchase options. You mcommerce website should allow you to provide both of these options.

  • Will you offer special offers or promotions via your mcommerce website that you don't provide anywhere else?
    We highly recommend that you do this. If people can get special offers and discounts on your mobile shop only then this will entice them to visit it often. It will also give you the option of moving old stock. Use a loyalty program to push sales in real-time to your customers. Imagine a real-time SMS marketing campaign that says something like "Designer Sunglasses, 20% off, just for the next 2 hours (or last 100 pieces), click here to buy"

We now offer a mobile commerce shop that you can set up in 15 minutes.