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Cost of texting Mobile Short Code

Dec 13, 2011

It is widely known how much it costs to call 1800 phone numbers or 1850 phone numbers in Ireland but what is not well known is the cost to texts a mobile short code.

It is all based on the first two digits of the 5-digit short code.

Range Category Price (€)
50000 - 50998 Free Text Rate Free of Charge
51000 - 51998 Standard Rate not exceeding €0.16, vat inc
52000 - 52998 Reserved Standard Rate
53000 - 53998 Basic Premium not exceeding €0.80, vat inc
54000 - 54998 Reserved Premium
57000 - 57998 High Premium €0.80 of above, vat inc
58000 - 58998 Reserved Adult (General) Variable Price
59000 - 59998 Adult (Sexual Nature) Variable Price

Premium Rate Text Messaging Short Codes are those in the ranges 53XXX to 59XXX

So, if you are wondering whether you will be charged for sending a text to 50015, no need to worry. As you can see from above it won't cost you anything to send a text to a mobile short code that ranges from 50000 to 50998

If you send a text to a Standard Rate short code, e.g. 51444 then you will be charged standard rate based on how much your operator charges you. If you have an unlimited plan then essentialy it is free to text.

Actually, you will be charged a regular text rate for sending a text to premium rate short codes. But when you receive a reply from that short code then you will be billed the premium rate. So, if you receive two texts from a premium rate short code that costs €2.50 then you will be charged €5.00 (€2.50 x 2).