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About the Company

Adikat, pronounced A-DEE-CAT, provides a 360° approach to mobile marketing campaigns. They cover all aspects including building a database of mobile numbers, short codes, sms text marketing, mobile websites and bluetooth proximity marketing.

Adikat can be engaged to produce a mobile marketing campaign using Bluetooth technology. They will consult, conceptualise, create, implement and report the campaign from beginning to completion. The measurable results found with Bluetooth campaigns can vastly outweight traditional advertising campaigns.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the mobile marketing industry, providing knowledge and consultation to companies, and position our company as technologically advanced.

Our Mission

To provide valuable expertise to promotional campaigns and increase brand awareness or sales on all marketing campaigns.

Our Founder

Vince Doherty, a native of Co. Mayo, Ireland, is a world traveller. Having lived in England, the United States, France and onboard Cruise Ships, he has experienced many cultures and gained a broad understanding of world economies.

Following his love for computer technology, he went back to school in the United States to further his education, where he achieved two degrees. His ambition has lead him to be a casino manager at the age of 23, his love for education has gained him a commercial pilots license in the United States and his entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to venture into many different business ventures, some successful, some not so successful. Each venture has boosted his experience in the business world.

Having moved back to Ireland in 2006, Vince focused on building a web development company. During this time, he came across SMS web texts, his curiosity led him to research the broad possibilities of this new technology. Vince dived right in and built a platform whereby businesses would have a full Saas contact management system at their disposal. This lead to the development of Vince soon researched and was able to acquire a short code for use with the sms text marketing. He consistently builds upon complimentary tools to offer his clientele a full service mobile marketing package.

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