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Each month we send out a newsletter via email. The newsletter will be informative, relative and ad-free.


  • August 2011
    Our August 2011 edition we discussed QR Codes and their advantages with a link on how to create your own for free.
  • June 2011
    Our June 2011 edition we discussed our new Mobile Survey marketing software and we highlighted our blogs.
  • May 2011
    Our May 2011 edition discussed the many ways there are to build a subscriber list and we also showed a few mobile marketing examples for entertainment and automotive.
  • April 2011
    Our April 2011 edition discussed how our webform widget can help you build a subscriber list and we also showed a few mobile marketing examples for sports, food & beverage and automotive.
  • March 2011
    Our March 2011 edition discussed mobile marketing demographics and more details about our full service CMS system.
  • February 2011
    Our February 2011 discusses the MobtoSMS feature that we provide for free. Send a group text to any of your groups via your own mobile phone.
  • January 2011
    Our January 2011 talks about the principles of mobile marketing. What message to send? How often to send it? How to measure the results? and Understanding your customers.
  • December 2010
    Our December newsletter discusses our new feature, personalisation. With this new feature it is easy to send personalised messages to your contacts. Send text messages like "Hi Name, " and the system will automatically merge it with you contacts. It could also be used to send out personal ids etc...
  • September 2010
    Our September newsletter went into detail on how to send out group texts that come from your company name instead of a mobile phone number. The case study this month was based on a petrol station that increased revenue using a short code and group texting. Could you do something similar with your business?
  • August 2010
    August newsletter discussed how to receive replies from a text marketing campaign. How these replies can be used to run a competition, poll or to RSVP. The newsletter also discussed two case studies, one for the healthcare industry and the other for the retail industry.
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