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Cork Mobile Marketing

Adikat helps businesses in Cork to get the message out to consumers via mobile technology.

Our mobile marketing services in Cork includes consultation, strategic planning, content conception & creation, project management, and campaign reporting.

Mobile Services provided in the Cork area are:

Group Texting

SMS group texting to Cork consumers is an exceptionally personal means of communication, our opt-in service means that the text received is welcome and permission based. 97% of SMS texts are read immediately and the whole message read. This personal level of attention induces a higher call-to-action response rate than email or fax typically would.
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Short Codes

Short Codes are shorter version of a mobile phone number (51444), making it easier to remember. They are widely used for informational and campaign purposes. You may have seen them used in TV, Radio and print advertising. Short codes are leased on a monthly basis.

Short codes are a great way of encouraging customers to contact you and building up a subscription list. You can advertise the short code on your printed material and it instantly makes it interactive. It makes it a lot easier for consumers to contact you rather than making a phone call or going to a website address. Once they text in to the short code then the mobile number is captured and stored in one of your groups of the texting account that you have.

Mobile Shop

Create your mobile shop based on your existing web store or build a new one from scratch in less than 15 minutes.
  • Create YOUR OWN M-site + iPhone app
  • 100% customizable by you
  • Manage orders/customers/products from your Shop and/or your web solution

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