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Our API will give you access to the SMS texting functionality that you need on your website or software application. We have made the application as easy as possible, just three lines of code will send a text. Use this application to send a text to a client when a registration form is submitted, an event is triggered on their website, an order is placed or even when stock has reached the minimum threshold. This can be used in a variety of different ways and will make your application look more professional and technologically advanced.

We make it even easier for you, no contract to sign, no minimum text to send and no monthly fees!

We want your business so we will work with you to build features that currently do not exists should the need arise.


SMS API Step 1

Step 1.

Create an account in order to obtain an API username and password

Use Promotional Code: APITRIAL
SMS API Step 2

Step 2.

Download the PHP class file and examples

See the examples for the various ways of using the SMS API
SMS API Step 3

Step 3.

Insert your API username and password into the class.

Open up the FormPostUtilities.php using an editor (notepad will do) and add your api_id and api_pwd to the file.
SMS API Step 4

Step 4.

Upload the Class file to your website.

You can use your favourite FTP application for this.
SMS API Step 5

Step 5.

Send a text from one of your webpages

See this example: Send a Text from a website

API Features:

  • Send a text to a group
  • Send a text to an individual
  • Add a contact to a group
  • Remove a contact from a group
  • Retrieve your balance



  • PHP 4+
  • cURL