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A text marketing campaign using Adikat SMS will allow you to increase sales of existing products/services or introduce new products/services. A properly designed and executed SMS Marketing campaign can produce response rates of up to 20%, compare that to a typical online response rate of 1%.

Cost Effective Mobile Marketing

You can reach 500 of your customers for less than €25 with an effective message using Adikat SMS texts. You will have the peace of mind knowing that they will receive your message a few seconds after you send it. Compare this to an email campaign where your message could end up in their spam folder or your customers may not get around to checking their email for days.

This cost-effective medium allows you one-to-one communication with your customers.

  • No Setup Fee
  • No Contract
  • No monthly charge
  • No Minimum to send
  • JUST pay as you go


Cost per Text


Create and account and send 500 texts for less than €22