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Benefits of Mobile Text Marketing

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We can be engaged to implement AdikatSMS to provide SMS text marketing to your customers. With SMS texting you can communicate with your customers efficiently and cheaply. Inform customers about an upcoming sale, special offer on a product, new opening hours etc...

Benefits of Adikat Text Marketing

For you:
  • Immediate Increase in Sales
  • Permanent Contact with Customers
  • Real-time Information Delivery

and for your Customers:
  • Truly Personalised Treatment
  • Always up-to-date with your latest offers

Text Marketing FeaturesHow to Send online text message

  • Fast Communication with your customers
  • Inform your loyal customers of upcoming sales
  • Send instant order status and service information to your customers, as it becomes available to your CRM systems
  • Reduce the number of inbound and outbound customer “status” phone calls
  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Sent texts to groups of people in seconds
  • Reduce customer stress while increasing loyalty, satisfaction and retention
  • SMS text messaging is cheaper, faster and more efficient than a voice call, a letter or an email
  • SMS text messaging gives your business a huge business advantage when interacting with your customers
  • SMS text messaging is web-based, send your text anytime, anywhere.

Adikat Opt-in Mobile Marketing

'Opt-in' list of customers can be created which will form the basis of your marketing campaign. All text messages are sent by permission of the client. They have signed up requesting you to keep them informed of your sales or promotions.

Immediate Increase in Sales

Keeping in touch with your client base is a proven concept to increasing sales. SMS text can be used to inform your clients of upcoming sales, a new product, special releases, upcoming entertainment, book signing or to offer discounts.

Permenant Contact with your Customer Base

There is a lot of competition fighting for your clients, don't lose them. Keep your name in their mind to ensure them that they are making the right decision by staying with you.

Real-time Information Delivery

In today's fast moving lifestyle, people demand information faster and more conveniently. You can be on the edge of technology by using the latest form of communications.

For example, if you own a cafe or restaurant, you may want to contact your customers just before lunch to inform them about specials.

High Response Rates

As your customers have opted-in (permission-based) for your messages they are pre-qualified clients. They are in need of your products/services and are interested in purchasing from you. This will increase your Return On Investment on your Adicat mobile marketing campaign.

Greener than your Average Print

No more wasted paper. A large percentage of direct mails usually ends up in the bin without ever being read. Save a tree, start an SMS text marketing campaign today.


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