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SMS Marketing Campaign - How it works

Step by Step process

Step 1. Set up a group in your account.

  • You can create as many groups as you want. This is a great tool to organise your contacts.
  • See our video tutorial on how to How to create groups
Adding Group

Step 2. Recruit Opt-in Subscribers

Several methods can be used for opting in:
  • Website Form - customise our website form widget and place a little code on your website. Your customers can then opt-in or opt-out using the form on your website. You can also request demographic information for specific targeting.
  • Business Brochures or In-store material, this is an ideal solution to explain the program and direct your customers to text a keyword to a mobile phone short code, or to your website. The short code method will give you to opportunity to send an autoreply. e.g. TEXT KEYWORD to 51444
  • Shopping Bags, packaging, and receipts are an excellent medium that your customers take away that will direct them to take action in order to keep in touch with your business.
  • A mobile marketing program can also be advertised on billboards and radio/TV advertising.
  • Whatever method you utilise to advertise your mobile marketing program, you should provide an incentive for consumers to text in or come to your place of business. That incentive will depend on the nature of your business. For example, a retail shop might offer its customers 5% off a product for signing up.
Website Form
Night Club Promotions

Step 3. Create Your Marketing Campaign

  • Marketing Campaigns can be easily created to satisfy specific business objectives, such as filling in low traffic times, clearing overstock items, featuring new product…etc.
  • Create the message that you want to broadcast to the target market identified in Step 2. It is recommended that some sort of Promotion Code be included in order to track results.
  • When you are ready to inform your customers of a promotional offer, you decide when the text marketing campaign is sent
Adding Group


That’s it!

With our Adikat SMS Software, you can self-manage every aspect of your mobile marketing program.

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We subscribes to a strict anti-spam policy. This means that we do not condone unsolicited sms text messages. We reserved the right to suspend or terminate any account that has been used or suspected of being used for sms spamming. We encourage our customers to develop better relationships with their customers and employees by sending them useful and wanted sms text message rather than damaging their relationships by sending spam.