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Jun 30, 2010

Adikat Thinks Global with Major Partnership

Irish mobile-phone marketing company Adikat has entered a partnership with UK firm Hypertag, a global leader in the field of proximity mobile phone marketing. The partnership will make the latest Bluetooth marketing technologies available to Adikat’s clients.

Established in 2001, Hypertag has a presence in 34 countries and has conducted Bluetooth marketing campaigns for companies like Unilever and Coca-Cola. Adikat will leverage Hypertag’s experience and technology platforms to deliver a hypertag service to top Irish firms.

A Hypertag® is a device that uses short-range wireless technology to send branded information such as video clips, links and event notices to a customer’s Bluetooth mobile phone. The information is tailored according to a customer’s location. When a customer enters an area covered by the Hypertag®, they will be asked if they want to receive free information. This ensures that customers receive relevant content and that companies will reach a captive market.

Vince Doherty, owner of Adikat, had been searching for a company to manufacture Bluetooth proximity devices for some time. He discovered that Hypertag was looking for a partner in Ireland and arranged a face-to-face meeting with Hypertag chiefs at a conference in London. Adikat’s strong position in the mobile phone market in Ireland made the firm an attractive proposition to Hypertag.

The partnership will strengthen Adikat’s product lines and help them run more effective mobile marketing campaigns. “Permission-based mobile marketing is increasingly popular, so this strategic alliance will be highly advantageous to us,” says Doherty. “We will have access to first-hand experience in deploying major campaigns for top brands in Ireland.”

Doherty believes that global partnerships like these will help kickstart the Irish economy. International companies can offer new products and a chance to expand the marketplace a company works in. With cheaper flights, more efficient communications and potentially lower export costs, international partnerships can also be cost-effective. “There’s a huge marketplace to be accessed and we need to think outside our shores,” says Doherty. “We live on an island, but we can build bridges.”

Doherty admits that he had to overcome legal barriers in order to secure the partnership, as UK partnership law differs from Irish law. He was also unable to find any State schemes that offer financial assistance to companies looking for international partnerships.

Doherty advises companies considering partnerships to research the companies they are interested in and to be certain about what they hope the partnership will deliver. The relationship will need constant nurturing after the partnership is signed, but the rewards will be worth the effort.


For further information, contact Vince Doherty 085 1117068

Note to Editors

Adikat is Ireland’s leading mobile phone marketing company, helping B2C companies exploit the opportunities offered by the booming mobile-phone market. It offers a variety of solutions to help clients improve their mobile phone communications, including shortcodes, group texting, mobile bar codes and mobile websites.