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May 12, 2011

Adikat Launches Mobile Marketing Survey Software

Mobile-phone marketing company Adikat has developed a software package that helps companies create faster and more accurate mobile phone marketing surveys. The software can save companies up to 90% of the cost of traditional research.

Adikat was prompted to develop the software after it was approached by market-research company iReach, who wanted to find a more effective way of engaging with their focus groups and to speed up the questionnaire process.

iReach used the software to carry out a survey on behalf of a well-known beer company and the company is planning further campaigns. “iReach is the type of company that grasps technology, uses it to their advantage and stays ahead of the curve,” says Vince Doherty, Director of Adikat.

Adikat’s Software as a Service (SaaS) system enables companies to target opinion polls and questionnaires at specific focus groups via mobile phone. Companies can use the software to set up campaigns, with questions that trigger follow-up questions. Respondents can answer the questions for free using a mobile short code. The software also enables companies to alert customers that they are planning a survey and run several campaigns at the same time.

The software will match customers’ answers to the questions and compile them into a report which the company can download. Companies can use the software to test new products, get an insight into customer thinking and determine the level of customer satisfaction.

The software doesn’t need to be downloaded, so there are no expensive contracts or maintenance upgrades. As survey data is uploaded automatically, companies will be able to access results instantly and human error is eliminated.