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It’s time for you to discover the cutting-edge marketing trend that
saves you time, money and gets YOU a response rate of 50%


Adikat can be engaged to implement a multi-faceted mobile marketing campaign for your business. We will ensure that all aspects of your campaign are implemented.

  • Are you ready to put your business on the fast track with the hottest new trend in marketing?
  • Are you ready to skyrocket your sales without wasting hundreds upon thousands of euros in advertising costs?
  • Are you ready to INSTANTLY reach thousands of targeted customers – with just one push of a button?

What we can provide for you

  • Set up a short code , e.g. 51444. This will allow your potential customers to text a keyword to 51444, which will automatically opt-in their mobile number into your database.
  • Set up a website form that will be installed on your website. This is a totally customisable form which potential customers can use to opt-in their mobile phone. Their mobile phone number will be automatically entered into your database.
  • Set up a texting competition or poll to entice people to join your marketing campaign
  • Provide a platform that give you the ability to send personalised group texts
  • Print business cards or table cards to promote your campaign and direct customers to text yourkeyword to 51444
  • Mobile Website for your business - provides quick information on the go. A mobile website is an Internet website that is geared for mobile devices. As most mobile devices now have Internet access, this is a must for any business.
  • Smartcodes provide a quick and easy way to funnel people to your mobile website. It saves the frustration of the user trying to type in a website address. One-click and they are taking to your website.
  • Bluetooth Proximity Marketing can achieve great results by placing tailored content directly on consumer's mobile phone.
  • Brand Ambassadors can engage and interact with consumers directly offering free content such as wallpapers, video clips, games, music clips, vouchers or links direct to mobile phones

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