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Wearable Hypertags

Wearable Hypertag in action

Imagine 'Brand Ambassadors' for your company promoting your products or event directly to mobile phones via Bluetooth. Our 'Brand Ambassadors' will actively engage with consumers face-to-face to maximise your objectives. Consumers will walk away with your branded content on their phone.

Using short-range mobile wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and infra-red, Content including wallpapers, video clips, games, music clips, vouchers or links direct to mobile phones quickly and for free. Consumers simply activate the appropriate technology on their phone and stand near the Hypertag™ in order to receive the content direct to their handset.

Wearable Hypertag at an exhibitionWearable Hypertags are designed to be worn by ‘Brand Ambassadors’ proactively promoting a brand or product at events such as festivals, music concerts or exhibitions and busy pedestrian areas.

This unique product is mobile using the power of batteries that last up to 16 hours and is free from broadband connections or master server.

The Wearable Hypertag correctly formats the content for the particular phone, downloads it and ensures that the download process was error free. The Wearable Hypertag then updates its usage database with full details of all the campaign transactions.

Post-campaign meeting will consist of campaign feeback, raw usuage data, and access to report analysis based on usuage data.

Advantages of Wearable Bluetooth Proximity Devices

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  • We ensure Handset Compatability, the Hypertag then correctly formats the content for the particular phone
  • Brand Ambassador proactively engage and interact with consumers
  • Communicate with consumers based on their geo-location and environment
  • Distribute rich, interactive branded content in an innovative way
  • Patented technology that reduces Bluetooth interference
  • Measurable results. Full reporting post-campaign.

Benefits of Wearable Bluetooth Proximity Devices

  • Build trade show booth traffic. Attract more potential clients to your trade show booth
  • Brand Awareness. consumers walk away with your branded content on the mobile phone
  • Product Launch - a strong innovative drive to the correct target market
  • Green - no more flyers or printing necessary
  • Easy competition setup. Everybody loves something for free, giveaway T-shirts, hats, keyrings. The Bluetooth device will randomly send tickets to mobile phones.

Proximity Bluetooth Marketing

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