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Group Text Messaging

Benefits of Group Texting

We are more than a simple SMS texting provider. We provide a platform that allows you to control your text marketing and text alerts.

Secure & Compliant

All mobile numbers entered into the system are stored with a 128bit encryption that needs a passphrase to decrypt. Our platform is also run via 256bit Secured Socket Layers for extra security.

Text Campaign Tracking

Full reporting features are provided. At a glance you will see the following:

  • how many recipients received the messages
  • How many failed deliveries there were
  • How many opt outs there were

Auto Opt-out

Your customers can reply STOP to any message and they will automatically be removed from your contacts. As an added security precaution if you upload your contacts again, this person will not be uploaded.

we also provide an option, free of charge to you, that allows your customers to opt-out by texting OUT to a free short code 50015. View a full report of all opt-outs Webform widget. Customise the form and place a small script on your website. This will allow your customers to opt-in or opt-out of your services.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We give our personal guarantee that we will not use, sell, rent or otherwise profit from your contacts. What's yours is yours and we do not access your contacts unless authorised by you.



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