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Golf Club Group Texting

Sending group texts to golf club members´╗┐

Efficiency is the name of the game now for golf clubs. Efficient communication can make a big difference to your members. A simple service like getting in touch for last minute delays, delaying tee times, or special offers can be sent in seconds. Not only will you save time and money but your members will be happier. Quick, easy and affordable.

  • Create multiple groups to easy texting and organisation
  • Send updates and news about upcoming events
  • Send texts to groups or individuals
  • Send reminders, event info, or special offers
  • Receive replies directly to your inbox
  • Schedule text messages to go out at specific dates and times
  • Automated Opt-outs

Golf Member's text

Golf Club meeting text reminder example

Staying in touch with your current members is vital, sending them updates and news provides an extra value-added service. For an easy, cost-effective approach use our online webform, it can be used free of charge. For an example, see Woodlands Golf club to see how they use our form.

Keep Members informed about:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Meetings
  • Special Offers

Golf Society

Golf Society text messaging system
Running a golf society is not easy. Staying in touch with your members and getting RSVPs is time consuming and frustrating. Set up different groups for committee and members, schedule text to any group from anywhere. Receive back RSVPs directly to your inbox.

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