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Hair Salon Group Texting

Salon Appointment Reminders

Do you currently have a texting facility built into your software that you are not happy with?

Do you know how much you are paying for each text?

Does your system send texts using a virtual mobile number that is not yours?

Are you customers saving that number on their phone thinking that it belongs to you?

you could be losing customers because of this.

We all know the advantages of sending out group texts to your customers to fill in slow times. However, if the text comes from a virtual phone number you could possibly lose some customers. When your customers receive a text from you they assume it is your mobile number. They could possibly save that number to their contacts under your business name. The next time they want to make an appointment, they will not be able to get ahold of you. We provide a system where you can send text messages from your company name.

Solution: we provide a system that allows you to send texts from your company name. At just €0.043 per text, you will also save money.

  • Create multiple groups for easy texting and organisation
  • Send updates and news about upcoming events
  • Send texts to groups or individuals
  • Send reminders, event info, or special offers
  • Receive replies directly to your inbox
  • Schedule text messages to go out at specific dates and times
  • Automated Opt-outs

Transfer Database

Worried that you have a large database of customers that you may not be able to transfer. No problem! send us your exported customer list and we will clean up the database, upload it into your online texting system and send you the remaining list of customers that could not be uploaded due to no mobile number or incorrect mobile number.

Hair Salon

Here are a few different ways you can use our SMS texting platform


Hair Salon Special offers example text
Customers like a deal, they also like to be treated special. Tell them about a special deal that you are having to fill in a slow time. You could also send them a discount coupon with a unique code. Track to code to see which text works the best. Text marketing is a very cost-efficient, measurable and effective approach.

Appointment Reminders

Booking reminder text message example

Schedule a text alert to be sent 24 hours before their appointment. This will decrease no-shows. You can also receive back an RSVP from your customer directly to your inbox.

Hours of Operation

Hair Salon Hours text message example
During holidays you may have extended hours. You can let your customers know with just one group text.


Hair Salon Reminder text example

Letting your customers know that you miss them because they haven’t
stopped by in awhile is another good way to establish good will.


Set up mulitple groups for differnet clientele and schedule text to any group from anywhere. Receive back RSVPs directly to your inbox.

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