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Music Bands

Even bands need to have a marketing plan. Does your band need more fans at your gigs? Informing your fans and ensuring that they show up at your gigs is vital. The more fans that show up at the venue the higher your gig rate becomes and bookings will increase.

Of course, having a facebook page and posting flyers is also important but will it ensure that each fan will know about your upcoming gig? For band marketing made easy, its time to use text message marketing.

How it works

Your fans text your band name to a short code (e.g. 51444) They will be automatically added into your mobile subscription list. Your list will grow automatically if advertised at your gigs, flyers etc...

Then log into our SMS texting platform, write out your text and send it to the group. The text message about your next gig will go directly to each subscriber. Should they decide they don't want your message any longer, they simply reply STOP to any message and they will automatically be removed from the system.


  • Create multiple groups for easy texting and organisation
  • Send updates and news about upcoming events
  • Send texts to groups or individuals
  • Send reminders, event info, or special offers
  • Receive replies directly to your inbox
  • Schedule text messages to go out at specific dates and times


A short code will costs €58.50 per month and texts sent to your fans will cost €0.043 per text. Assuming your have 500 fans, it would cost €80 per month to marketing directly to each fan.

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