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SMS Text Marketing FAQ

  • You have full control over setting up your campaigns, groups and contacts. You can set up as many campaigns and groups as you want and you can send as many texts as you want.

    You simply top up your account and as you send a text the cost of that text is deducted from your account. There are no monthly fees, set up fees, hidden fees or subscription fees. Just pay for the texts that you send.

  • You can have up to 160 characters. However, keep in mind that you must inform your customers how to opt-out on each message that you send.

    There are two methods of opting out that we provide.

    2-way opt-out: When sending a 2-way message please add the following
    to the end of each message "optout reply STOP"

    1-way opt-out: When sending a 1-way message please add the following to
    the end of each message "optout to 50015" - this is a freetext service.

  • Yes, it is. This is known as a tagline message. Tagline messages are one-way meaning the recipient cannot reply.

    You can also send two-way message which will show the message came from an Irish mobile number, this message can be replied to.

    Feel free to sign up for our trial account, we will give you 50 free messages to test the system

  • Yes. WOur Guaranteee give our personal guarantee that we will not use, sell, rent or otherwis e profit from your contacts. What's yours is yours and we do not access your contacts unless authorised by you.
  • Yes. Although a few networks do not provide the message status information most do. You can view the status of each message sent via your Sent Box. Each status will contain a message ID to enable you to match it against your message records.
  • No. Standard SMS does not provide this sort of information. You may be able to obtain this sort of information using information from a webserver. For example send the recipient a WAP Push message containing a Unique URL then monitor your webserver logs for when that URL is activated.
  • Before. The URL encoding is required in order for the request to be submitted to our platform.


  • No. You send the recipient a WAP Push message with content or send an SMS with a link to a page with content.
  • This is rare but it does occur when there is a communication glitch between the recipients handset and their network Operator, that stops the phone from acknowledging that it has received the SMS.

    When this happens the carrier continues to attempt to deliver the same message (as per its store and forward procedures) until it receives an acknowledgment from the phone. This situation results in multiple messages on the handset if the handset does not acknowledge properly.

    We have found that doing a hard restart of the phone fixes the issue. The recipient should simply pull the battery from the handset, wait a few seconds, reinsert the battery and power the handset up again.

  • You can view our rates on our registration page

  • There are a few ways of doing this. You can use our webform, utilise short codes, upload an existing database or manually add the contacts through our webbased facility. See more information here.