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Business Text Messaging

SMS Business Text messaging is a another communication channel that will keep you in contact with your customer base. This is an efficient and cheap alternative to normal advertising. Yet, you will get a higher ROI and you get to test different marketing strategies without the huge costs involved in design and printing.

You can use our text messaging software to inform your loyal customers of upcoming events or sales, a new product that you have just received in stock or to let them know about your new opening hours. This easy to use system will save you time and money. You will see instant results and gain competitive advantage.

Reduce your marketing costs

Marketing costs can sometimes run into thousands of Euros per month. SMS marketing is the most cost-effective way of communicating to your customers. Data is transmitted at a fraction of a voice call.

Reach out to more of your customers

There is a 125% penetration of subscription mobile phones in Ireland. More of your customers can be reached via SMS than internet, email or fax. Using Adikat as your marketing partner will ensure that you have a reliable SMS gateway with global reach.

Easy Integration

One of the tools we provide will allow you to easily integrate an SMS texting facility directly into your website or software system. Our API tool makes it extremely easy to send texts from your website, simply drop in a few files into your website and copy and paste three lines of code.

This could be used to inform the website owner of a new registration or a new order. A text would be sent immediately to your mobile phone. The system could also be set up to text a group of people. Basically any trigger on your website could be used to send out an SMS text. You could also use it to inform the customer of their order with subsequent status updates texted to the customer, they would never be left in the dark.

Immediate Contact

For time critical information and SMS text is the only communication that will ensure that the recipient will receive the information in seconds and will probably read it immediately.

How to add contacts

Online Account - You can add contacts one at the time to any of the groups that you set up in the members area. Simply, select Members > Member's Login from our menu items above. Then select Contacts > Add a new contact.

Contact Database - if you already have a database of contacts you can upload them using either an Excel Spreadsheet or a CSV file. The system will automatically prevent the uploading of contacts that have already opted-out.

Web Form - Contacts can manage themselves from a form on your website. Customise and create and form to place on your website, your contacts can then opt-in or opt-out with a single click.


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