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SMS Features

Fully Compliant

Any customer that receives a text from you can reply with the word STOP and they will automatically be opted-out of your system. If you later upload their contact details again by spreadsheet the system will prevent them from being added in.

There are two options provided to your customers to opt-out:

2-way opt-out: When sending a 2-way message please add the following 
to the end of each message "optout reply STOP"

1-way opt-out: When sending a 1-way message please add the following
to the end of each message "optout to 50015" - this is a freetext service.

We are fully registered with the data protection agency in Ireland, registration no. 11625/A

Full Contact Management System

Organise your contacts into Groups, contacts can be added manually to each group or uploaded from your exsiting database. The customised webform feature can also be used to add contacts directly to a specific group. Should a contact have previously opted-out then that contact will be prevented from being added to your contacts when you upload your database.

Personalise your messages.

Merge your text messages with your contacts to send personalised messages. You could have a text message start with Hi <<NAME>>, or how about reminding people of their membership id, your membership id is <<MEMBERSHIPID>>

Send a text to a specific group or to an individual in the group


View inbound messages. If a recipient of your message replies you can view these messages in your inbox. You can also reply to that message, forward it or delete it.


View the history of all messages sent. The system also gives the status of each text sent whether it was delivered successfully, or failed to deliver.

Scheduling Texts

Scheduling a text to be sent at a certain date and time has never been easier. This is a great feature if you need to send out time sensitive information at a specific time. Simply set up the text to send, select the group(s) to send to and then set the date/time. Also, works well for appointment reminders and birthday wishes.


Schedule a text to be sent at a specific date and time. Have it sent to an individual or an entire group. Great for birthdays, or timely information.

2-Way messaging

Send and receive texts. Send a text to a group and receive their replies, great for competitions. Replies will go directly to your online inbox.

Messaging from you company name

Do you need to ensure that your customers know where the text is coming from? simply send a 1-way text and add your company name to the tagline. The text message will then come from your company name instead of a virtual mobile number.

Short Codes

Use short codes to build up your contact database. e.g. TEXT ADIKAT TO 51444, you choose to Keyword. You can set this up to automatically reply with a promotional code or other marketing information. The customer will automatically be added to your database once they text you.

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