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Tracking Advertising

Advertising Tracking

How is your newspaper or radio ad performing? It's hard to track, isn't it!

Add a mobile short code to your newspaper or radio advertising to determine the effectiveness of the content. Add a call to action using a mobile short code;
ex. text ProductA to 50015 for more information.

Track how many text messages you received from each campaign. Compare each campaigns to determine which ad content provided the best results.


By tracking advertising efforts for a particular product, you can determine what the return on investment (ROI) is for each product.

If an advertising costs 500 EUR and you received 200 replies via the mobile short code. From those 200 replies, 20 people bought the product and paid 100 EUR each which is a total revenue of 2,000 EUR. Deduct the cost of goods, let's say 65%, this leaves a profit of 700 EUR. Then deduct the 500 EUR advertising cost.

Your ROI was 200 EUR.

Marketing Efforts

Tracking marketing efforts is vital to the success of your business. Untracked marketing is money down the drain.

Purchase a mobile short code now and use it in your marketing materials to track the success of your campaigns

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