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SMS Text Competition


Running a competition or drawing via mobile texts is a great way to build a database of subscribers for later marketing campaigns. Run a competition for a prize like a free massage at our spa or a free night at our hotel. Generally a short code is used e.g. Text Competition followed by your answer to 51444.

How it works:Short code text competition

You decide what keyword to use with your short code, the example above uses keyword 'Competition'. We will then set up your account and configure the competition. You will have 24/7 access to view competition results.

You can then advertise your competition on your brochure, shopping bags, receipts, radio/TV ads, or anywhere you think that your customers can be found.


One-time costs:

  • Set up fee: €185 to set up the Short Code

Ongoing costs:

  • Short Code monthly fee is €58.50/month. See our short code webpage for more detailed pricing.

Our online software package give you the ability to set up the multiple choice options and auto-responds.

You can run as few or as many text competition as you wish. There is no additional cost for using our software.

Screenshot of the texting CompetitionScreenshot of Texting Competition Software