Stay Legal! provide opt-out text service to your customers

Free optout service
Directly to your Servers
Stored in your Inbox
Sent to your EMail


Services Currently Provided

      Opt-out details will be captured in your online inbox. They can be downloaded or you can view the details and manually opt them out of your system.

For your convenience, the system can:

  • Push the opt-out data directly to your server
  • Email the data directly to you
  • Text the data directly to you

Stay Legal

Sending mobile text messages to your customers or members requires that you must provide an opt-out instructions with each message. The recipient of your message must be easily able to stop unwanted messages

According to the Data Protection Agency, Marketers may not send electronic mail (i.e. a text message, voice message, sound message, image message, multimedia message or email message) for direct marketing purposes to an individual subscriber in the following circumstances:

  • if the identity of the sender has been disguised or concealed or a valid address to which the subscriber can send an opt-out request has not been provided,

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