Mobile Short Codes

Mobile Short Codes

A mobile short code is a 5-digit number that can be used in Ireland for two-way mobile messaging. the 5-digit is a shorter version of a mobile short code; this makes it easier to remember and utilise. Mobile Short Codes in Ireland are regulated by Comreg.

SMS text messages are used to send a message to the 5-digit short code. for example, a prospective customer sends a text of your company name and message to 50015. The customer would receive an auto-response with additional information about your company or product. You receive the texter’s mobile phone number and message.

A mobile short code can be used for such interactions as opt-in text messages, opt-out text message, SMS text competition or poll, marketing or instant promotions.

How much does a Mobile Short Code Cost?

Mobile Short Codes Costs varies based on the whether the short code is regular rate short code or free rate short code.

  • Regular Short Code. The texter will be charged a regular text message cost. The operator determines how much the mobile owner is charged. Regular rate short codes start with 51xxx
  • Free Rate Short Code. The texter will not incur a charge to texting in. Free Rate short codes start with 50xxx

How to order a Mobile Short Code?

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