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Hostpitals, Doctor's and Dentist's Practices

No shows for appointments is a well-known issue in the health industry. This can increases waiting times and have a negative impact on staff time, efficiency, and profit margins.

Solution: Create an automated SMS text message to remind patients of their appointment. Set the text message to send at a specific date and time.

The service can be automatically integrated into existing booking systems.

Ophthalmology outpatient appointments: Observational study:

Non-attendance for hospital outpatient appointments is a significant problem in many countries. It causes suboptimal use of clinical and administrative staff and financial losses, as well as longer waiting times. The use of Short Message Service (SMS) appointment reminders potentially offers a cost-effective and time-efficient strategy to decrease non-attendance and so improve the efficiency of outpatient healthcare delivery. [More...]


You already know how important it is to maintain your client base. That is more important now than ever before. Keep in touch with them by starting a VIP club. See our short codes and group texting to start your campaign. Once you register with us we will give you an .eps file of the image below for you to customise and use in your campaign.

Restaurant VIP club


Wouldn't you love to automatically send your clients a reminder  that would say something like "Don’t forget that taxes are due next month! Did you make your taxdeposit yet?" That extra service would really put you ahead of your competition.

Solution: Set up a group and add all your tax clients to it. Then set up a text message to send to the group and select the date and time for the SMS text message to be sent.


During an emergency situation it is vital to contact the appropriate people from the afflicted company. Using the Internet, Mobile Phone or Email you can easily send a text to a group in seconds.

Solution: Set up a group for each company, add the appropriate contacts into each group. In an emergency log into your account and send a text to the appropriate group, or send an email to the group, or send a text to the group from your mobile phone.

Insurance Company

Are you losing your current customer base to your competitors? Wouldn't you love to automatically send your clients a reminder that their monthly/quarterly/semi-annual or annual premiums are due?

Solution: We provide a full API that gives you the ability to send a text from your website or the service can be automatically integrated into existing booking systems.

Auto Service Centers

Vehicles need servicing on a regular basis for tyre rotations, oil changes and tune-ups. Any maintenance tasks require reminders to get done. Let your clients know when and then give the ability to schedule an appointment. This is a great way to keep your mechanics busy.

Many times a customer wants to know how much before they authorize repairs. Most times, you can’t tell them until your mechanic has evaluated their situation. Send your client an SMS telling them how much, and how long and GIVE them an option to approve the repairs. This is customer service!

Contacting Volunteers

Are you trying to coordinate volunteers? wouldn't you just love to be able to organise them into groups and send a text to one or more groups at just a click of a button. Well, now you can. Simply sign up and create as many groups as you want, add the contacts to each group, write out a text and submit. Each member of the group(s) will receive the SMS text.
Not always near a computer? no problem, send the text to any group using your mobile phone.

Sports Clubs

Are you finding it difficult to maintain membership subscription? or keeping your followers reminded of upcoming matches? This cost effective solution will enable you to keep on top of this issue. Ideal for sending out event reminders, appointment reminders, or text alerts. Maintain a high retention of renewals by reminding your customers of the advantages of renewal. Perfect for GAA clubs, Football clubs and Golfing Socities.

Charities and Non-Profits

A special discount can be applied for registered charities and non-profits. Call for details.

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