Auto Opt-out

Your customers can reply STOP to any message and they will automatically be removed from your contacts. As an added security precaution if you upload your contacts again, this person will not be uploaded.

we also provide an option, free of charge to you, that allows your customers to opt-out by texting OUT to a free short code 50015. View a full report of all opt-outs Webform widget. Customise the form and place a small script on your website. This will allow your customers to opt-in or opt-out of your services.

Fully Compliant

Any customer that receives a text from you can reply with the word STOP and they will automatically be opted-out of your system. If you later upload their contact details again by spreadsheet the system will prevent them from being added in.

There are two options provided to your customers to opt-out:

2-way opt-out: When sending a 2-way message please add the following 
to the end of each message "optout reply STOP"

1-way opt-out: When sending a 1-way message please add the following
to the end of each message "optout to 50015" - this is a freetext service.

We are fully registered with the data protection agency in Ireland, registration no. 11625/A

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We give our personal guarantee that we will not use, sell, rent or otherwise profit from your contacts. What's yours is yours and we do not access your contacts unless authorised by you.

Full Contact Management System

Organise your inbound texts into Groups automatically, simply assign to a group that you create. This feature allows you to track how well advertising campaigns are working. 


View inbound messages. If a recipient of your message replies you can view these messages in your inbox. You can also reply to that message, forward it or delete it.