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Solutions - Jigsaw Puzzle35% of retailers see strengthening brand loyalty as a winning strategy in 2024.

We provide unique tools that facilitate businesses to grow their market by reaching out to mobile phone users

Mobile Subscribers Ireland

There are currently more mobile phones in Ireland than the population. There is a little more than 4.5 million people in Ireland and over 5 million mobile phone subscribers. At the end of June 2010 there was a 112% penetration of mobile phones. Which means that many consumers now own multiple phones.


  • Baby Boomers (born 1940s – 60s) – these are the older online market. They use mobile phones and send texts.
  • Generation X (born 1960s – 80s) – this generation are tech-savvy but they remember life before the mobile phone. However, they are more connected than the senior counterparts.
  • Generation Y (born 1980+) – don’t really recall life before mobile phones or the web. They are more in tune with mobile marketing due to increased connectivity.

Basic Mobile Marketing Strategy

  • Develop and establish your marketing plan
  • Start communicating with your customers and keep communicating!
  • Track your results and build your customer base.

Texts Sent in Ireland

Chart - SMS text sent in Ireland

We love texting in Ireland, it seems like it’s one of our favourite passtimes. There were over 3 Billion texts sent in Ireland in the fourth quarter 2009. Taking our population of 4.5million that works out to be 672 texts sent per person per quarter or 7.5 texts sent per person per day.

Principles of Mobile Marketing Strategy

What Message? the message can be informative, entertaining, promotional or subscription. Importantly, it should be relevant and compelling

When & How Often? this depends on your industry and how timely the information needs to get to your customers.

What Action? What is the objective of the message? is it sales leads? branding? or to retain your customer base.

Measure How/What? It’s vital that you measure the success of a campaign. 
Customers Who/Where? You need to understand who your customers are and more importantly where they are.

5 Whys of Marketing

Campaign Objectives

5 building blocks of a pipeline

Building Brand Awareness

Changing Brand Image

Enhancing Brand Loyalty

Building Customer Database

Response Rates

Mobile marketing can gain extremely high results,  redemption of in store coupons can reach 80% with mobile marketing campaigns