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SMS advertising guide

7 step process to more sales and more engagement for your business

From Pocket to Profit

Essential Growth Marketing in a World Gone Mobile

SMS mobile marketing is a powerful tool for increasing exposure, engagement, conversions, and growth in any business. 

With a massive 98% open rate, text messages are the true crowning glory of world-class brands. 

Are you taking advantage of shortcodes in a world that’s becoming more mobile-driven every day? 

These 5-digit numbers can be used to enhance your print advertising with an immediate call to action; for example text YOURPRODUCT to 51444. An auto-response would provide more details and direct the consumer to your web site. Your target audience will interact directly with your brand. Whether it’s a new product drop, special offer, delivery notification, or purchase confirmation, SMS ensures your communication never gets lost in cyberspace (unlike email). 

Propel Your Brand Down The Digital Highway

If mobile networks act as the digital information highway, our shortcodes are the vehicle that carries your message. 

This is how you get your brand into the hearts and minds of your target audience, and a vital component of any profitable modern-day marketing strategy. Here’s how it works.

The very first action your audience will take is sending a simple text with a keyword to your short code number. Where they find this information is entirely up to you – whether it be a brochure, internet ad, or media outlet.
Our service then sends out an instant, automated text reply that engages your audience and encourages them to take further action – such as providing them with more information or directing them to your website’s sales page.
Now you get to flaunt your professional excellence and expertise. Shortcode replies can be used in endless ways to win trust and add credibility to your brand, such as:
1. Text your customer a special promotion or offer you just launched
2. Give your new or existing customer the inside scoop on a new stock item
3. Send a purchase confirmation or delivery notification (users love to stay in the loop)
4. Send a survey requisition feedback on your product or service (valuable data for scaling your brand)
5. Notify your customer about an exclusive offer just for them

These 3 E’s of SMS marketing can elevate your brand beyond any other channel. Discover endless creative possibilities for your text campaigns.

How it Works

  1. Decide on your personal short code keyword
  2. Your account is setup and the keyword is verified and approved
  3. Start using your short code keyword; either advertising, competitions, polls, or for product enquiry
  4. Receive short code messages and provide optional auto-response
  5. Compile list of prospective leads

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We subscribes to a strict anti-spam policy. This means that we do not condone unsolicited sms text messages. We reserved the right to suspend or terminate any account that has been used or suspected of being used for sms spamming. We encourage our customers to develop better relationships with their customers and employees by sending them useful and wanted sms text message rather than damaging their relationships by sending spam.