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Entertainment Purposes Only – Non-FunRaising Short Codes

SMS Mobile Short Code competitions are great means of communicating and engaging with your clients and target audiences. Everyone likes the opportunity to win something and doing it all through basic SMS texts makes it much more interesting. Drive excitement and interaction among your customers with a Mobile Short Code game.

Organise your Adikat SMS competition and Raise Brand Awareness

Adikat SMS solutions have enabled thousands of corporations and businesses to launch their own text and win SMS competitions. Our platform has everything you need to set up an SMS competition and fully automate the process

Adikat SMS Competition – are a ‘winner’ for your Business

With Adikat’s SMS Competition You can:

Expand your Reach

Build brand awareness to drive more traffic to your business by offering prizes

Grow your Clientele

Develop your audience and opt-in list for future communications and campaigns

Automate Entries

Easily automate your competition with keywords and workflows

Getting Started with Your SMS Competition is Easier than You Think

Adikat is one of the leading SMS competition services providers. Adikat services are hassle-free; there is nothing to install, and it’s all web-based.

You can create and launch your own “ABC” style competitions with Adikat SMS competition. It allows you to easily configure and launch a text message competition with specified start and end times, entry costs, entry limits and more

Example of an SMS Competition Template

What’s the capital of Ireland?
A: Edinburgh, B: Dublin, C: New York?
Text A, B or C to XXXXX for your chance of winning an awesome prize!
Competition ends on XXXX at XXpm. You can also enter by sending your name and contact information free of charge to XXXXXXX. Entries are limited to 10 per user. Customer Helpline 012345678890

Why Choose Adikat for SMS Competitions?

We Make it Quick and Easy

Adikat SMS competition is easy to launch. Once the competition is done, you can instantly see the score, make reports, and draw a random winner from the valid entries

We Build You a Candid Client Base

Adikat SMS Competition programme also collects the mobile number of each participating end-user. These are saved in your account, and you can send a message to any or all of the participants at any time. This is especially helpful when you plan to run another competition and would like to encourage the participants by referring to the results of the last competition

Automated Customisation

Whenever a participant joins the competition through SMS, an automatic answering SMS can be sent to the participant. 

Compliance and privacy

We understand the importance of data privacy and compliance with regulations. Our SMS Text Competition Service adheres to industry standards, ensuring that your customers’ information is secure and that you meet all legal requirements for running SMS Text campaigns.

Benefits of Using Adikat’s SMS Competitions for Business

Increased Brand Awareness 

Give your clients a chance to win and boost your brand recognition and awareness by using SMS competitions as part of your promotions

Enhanced traffic and Brand Loyalty 

Attract more foot traffic and garner a lifelong brand loyalty in your clients by announcing new goods and competitions via text messaging

Enhance Social Media Engagements 

Improve your social media engagements by linking your SMS competitions with your social media accounts   

Encourage Impulsive Buying 

Encourage your buyers to click through by subtly promoting products via SMS competitions. You can also integrate payment links in SMS for impulsive buyers 

How to set up an Adikat Short Code SMS Competition?

  • Step 1 – Order a Short Code: The shortcode could be a free rate or regular rate shortcode.
  • Step 2 – Set Up Adikat Account: Set up an account with Adikat that will give you access to the inbox, competition setup and reports.
  • Step 3 – Advertisements: This is optional; you can always add it to your ongoing advertisement campaign.
Mobile Short Code Competition Tutorial

Payment Plans

Set Up FeeOne Time€185
Monthly Campaign
Reg Rate Short Code
Monthly: 1 Keyword€58.50
Additional KeywordsMonthly: per Keyword€29.00
Bulk Texting [optional]per Text€0.043
Monthly Fee includes all inbound texts and software
Minimum Plan contract period: 6 months

Ready to Get Started?

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