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Solutions that Increase Brand Recognition

Quickly capture votes for participants of a game show or speakers of a conference. Get up to the minute feedback from participants. SMS Voting provides the ability to provide interactivity with the audience. Gain valuable insight into the most liked conference speaker, dancer, player at your event.

Polling / Voting Software

Take advantage of our audience engagement software that provides polls, quiz features and real-time surveys directly on a an internet browser. Evaluate quality of learning, your products, or conference speakers with SMS text messaging.

eVoting Ideas

  • Text ConferenceName followed by your favourite speaker 
  • Text CourseName followed by Answer to enter poll
  • Text TVShow followed by dancer name 
  • Text BusinessName followed by your rating
  • Text RestaurantName followed by your favourite appetizer to get 10% off

How to setup SMS Voting Campaign

Once the keyword is created and configured, set up the voting in minutes. Simply enter in the options which the participants can vote on and the system is ready. 

SMS text to mobile short code

Request a keyword on the short code. for example, if the keyword was ‘vote’, then the participants would free text vote followed by the option to 50015

5 competition options

Create a voting campaign in your online account and add all possible options

Visualised Voting results

The votes come into your account online where you can view them visually using charts or in table format.

Additional Features

Reset Votes

Reset Inbound Text Votes Ability to reset the votes to 0 during a campaign. Having more than one round of voting is popular with talent shows or other live T.V. non-scripted shows. The audience votes after each performance

Unique Votes by Stage

This feature give the ability to ensure that each mobile number can vote only once per stage. Once votes are reset then they can vote again. If there are no resets then the user will get to vote once only.

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