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Let the Pros Handle Your Opt-out Woes

Messaging on PhoneThe GDPR has empowered customers with a range of privacy and data protection rights. The most significant of these is the right to opt-out of the subscription to any marketing messages. Businesses now need a scalable and effective way to manage and respond to their customer opt-out requests, communicate those opt-outs to downstream processes, and maintain detailed, updated and current compliance records.

That seems like a big deal, but not if you are using Adikat Opt-out Mobile Services.

Using the Adikat Opt-Out tools, your company can easily and effectively handle opt-outs. The Adikat Platform explicitly addresses all compliance requirements of Ireland’s Data Protection Commission. It, therefore, sets out your marketing campaigns in the right direction, which remains in compliance with all global privacy programmes.

What is Business Opt-Out Mobile Service

A business Opt-out mobile service is provided to recipients free of charge. This regulatory service in Ireland should be provided for all SMS messages. Recipients of text messages can reply STOP, OPT-OUT, or other specific keywords of choice. When an Opt-out messages is received, the sender’s account is flagged as an opt-out account. No further messages can be send to any contacts that have opted-out.

Why Use Adikat Opt-out Mobile Service?

Our state of the art Opt-out mobile solution keeps you updated and compliant with GDPR and Regulations of the Data Protection Commission.

We offer you:

  • The Best Opt-out Mobile Services. Absolutely FREE! Zero cost to your customers,
  • Choose where you want to receive the Opt-out requests. Adikat Opt-out mobile service allows you to receive your opt-out requests:
    • At your Servers – Direct all opt-out messages to your server.
    • In your Email – Direct all opt-out messages to your email address.
    • In your Online Inbox – Direct all opt-out messages to your online inbox.
  • While using Adikat Opt-out Mobile services, you can :
    • Engage and Respond to Consumer Requests
    • Intake and process opt-out requests and consumer requests for personal information access and deletion
    • Allow opt-out on websites and provide an opt-out for ads and data collection cookies.
    • Centralize and distribute policies, notices & disclosures.

How Does It Work?

Choose your unique keyword for opt-out purposes, example, if you keyword is ‘removeme’ then add the instructions to the end of each of your SMS marketing messages; “text removeme to 50015“.

The Opt-out details captured by Adikat Opt-out mobile service will be made available in your online inbox. Download the data directly to your local computer, or view the details and manually opt them out of your system. For your convenience, our opt-out system can also:

  • Push the opt-out data directly to your server
  • Email the data directly to your given Email address
  • Text the data directly to your given number

Why Use an Opt-out Mobile Service?

According to the GDPR and Data Protection Commission, sending text messages as part of SMS marketing on your target audiences’ mobiles requires that you must provide your audience with an opt-out option and method along with the message. The recipient of your message must be able to stop unwanted messages by replying STOP or some other keyword to a free service.

Remember! Data Protection Commission forbids Marketers to send electronic mail (i.e. a text message, voice message, sound message, image message, multimedia message or email message) for direct marketing purposes to an individual subscriber if:

  • The sender’s identity is not clear or is concealed or disguised.
  • A valid method to which the subscriber can send an opt-out request has not been provided.

Disclaimer. We provide SMS Text Opt-out software solutions to our clients. We cannot opt-out individual mobile number for our client’s subscribed mobile services. If you have come here to opt-out of a texting service, please contact the company that sent you the text message.

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