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Are You Tired of Your Boring SMS Marketing Campaign not producing results? Do you want your Marketing Text to be Rich, personal, interactive and trendy? Do you want to keep your Text Campaign statistics in check all the time?

If “Yes” is the answer to any of the above questions – it’s time to Step Up Your SMS Marketing Campaign with Adikat


Transform your SMS Marketing into Adikat’s Rich Text Marketing Campaign by incorporating enticing landing pages. Adikat’s Rich Text Messaging Solution will not just make your Campaigns much more attractive but also Soar Your Sales by A Stunning 30%

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Why Replace Conventional SMS Marketing Campaigns with Rich Text Messaging Campaigns?

Harnessing the mobile phones’ power of Rich Text Messages incorporates Mobile Landing Pages tailored to enhance the customer’s mobile experience by going beyond the regular SMS.

Rich Text Messaging Campaigns yield higher customer interactions and conversion through customised mobile landing pages exclusive to each recipient and delivered via interactive SMS. No programmers or hosting required.

What’s more? While using Rich text messaging with Landing Pages, you are no longer limited to a maximum of 160 characters for your messages. You’d rather get the liberty to convince your customers with rich content and assess your progress with a multi-link tracking feature.

You can use beautifully designed Rich text themes to:

  • Advertise new arrivals and restocked items
  • Build urgency and excitement with limited-time deals and coupon codes
  • Gain insight from online surveys and customer reviews
  • Offer customised tickets or payment links.

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Just use Adikat’s Three-Step ‘Soar Your Sales’ Strategy to convert and measure every text interaction.

Engage with a Delightful InteractionConvince & Convert with a Personal TouchClose the Conversion Loop and Track Results
Delight your customers with a personalised SMS mobile landing page that’s modern, engaging and beautiful. You can get started in minutes by using the drag-and-drop editor to construct your landing page. The custom fields help you start nurturing your leads the moment they sign-up.Get results with mobile landing page templates designed to give a personal touch and convince the customer to convert. You can always Brand it with your logo, images, and call-to-action buttons. Besides, you can merge tags to dynamically load information from your Address Book and use data to share information based on previous actions.Measure engagement at each step to better understand your ROI. Adikat’s Mobile landing pages are sent with a unique link for each recipient. You can get to conversational commerce by integrating payment solutions to your landing page by adding a QR code and CTA to pay online.

Why Use Adikat’s Rich Text Messaging Campaigns?

Choosing Adikat’s Rich Text Messaging Campaigns with its high open rate forms the solid base for your mobile marketing strategy. Below is why you should choose Adikat’s Rich Text Messaging Campaign.

Provoke a Prompt Reaction from Target Audience

Adikat Rich Text Landing pages are designed to trigger the direct sale of products, influencing impulsive purchases. You can create promotions with limited time offers and add functions like integrating location, videos, emails, option to reply, download a file or make a call with just a CLICK.

Enticing Pre-designed Templates and Multi-product Landing Pages

Adikat helps you save time and increase your conversions with predefined templates and Multi-product Landing Pages. Select the one that best suits your campaign from our rich repository. You can also customise it with the editor if you wish. Multi-product Landing Pages help you make product catalogues for unlimited products’ direct sale.

Reduce Marketing Expense and Increase Customer Engagement

Switching from a postal communication strategy to Adikat’s Rich Text Messaging Campaigns will allow you to save upon budget. In addition to that, visually appealing communication substantially increases customers’ chances of reading and engaging with your message.

Solid Branding with Increased Conversions

Adikat Rich Text Messaging Services allow you to use your company’s colours, logos and images to create a branding identity for customer interaction. This offers a more streamlined route to conversion with minimal distractions of traditional webpages. Also, you can link your message directly with your payment method.

Keep a Spectacular Sight of Stats

With Adikat’s Rich Text Messaging Services, you can keep a check on the statistics of your SMS Marketing Campaign both in terms of Text Delivery and actions by the recipients. You would know everything, including the number of phone calls, downloads, sending, openings, video reproductions, and payments made due to your messaging campaign.

Features Included in Adikat’s Rich Text Campaign Solution

Interactive ExperiencePersonalised ContentRich Repository of Themes and TemplatesMulti-product Landing Pages
Fully coloured customised branding and Visually attractive content, such as images, videos, links and CTA buttons that trigger a prompt and positive reaction from the recipient.Customisable text fields are included, which can be edited to give a more personalised touch to your marketing message and enrich it.You get a huge repository of elegant and stylish templates designed by professionals to increase your R.O.I.You can offer a complete catalogue of products by using our Multi-product landing pages, thereby increasing your leverage and reach.

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